The Clean, Green, and Sustainable Data Center of the Future

the problem

Problems with the
Traditional Power Grid

We are now experiencing constant upheaval and issues with the power grids worldwide. The Grid stability is fluctuating and has become unreliable. Outages are getting more and more frequent while the cost of electricity is becoming more and more expensive. Rolling blackouts and brownouts are real.

the solution

Continuous Hydrogen
Powered Data Centers

ECL is pioneering using Hydrogen to power data centers (24/7/365) continuously. The element, Hydrogen, consists of one proton and one electron and is typically in gas form. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. ECL leverages Hydrogen as a fuel to generate power using fuel cells, with zero-emission and a byproduct of water.

Hydrogen Powered Data Centers
Water Saving

Traditional data centers use high water levels extensively for cooling and other uses. The ECL solution is water-free and has a water give-back program for the community. ECL can achieve this by leveraging a unique cooling approach with no water that needs to be piped into the site. The excess water we produce from the Hydrogen based power generation can be used as part of the ECL community integration outreach. ECL can also provide large quantities of low-grade heat water (60c) to the community enabling it to heat homes and public facilities.

Water Saving
Cooling Efficiency

The ECL overall cooling solution leverages a unique combination of new and established technologies from different industries. ECL created multi patents on the ECL cooling system that can achieve a cooling PUE of 1.05 in any location and at any load.

Cooling Fan
Modular Buildings

ECL can operate in greenfield sites and brownfield sites. In the locations where construction is needed, due to the nature of the ECL modularity, ECL leverages 3D printing to build the sites. 3D printing is the most sustainable construction technology in the world, with zero waste and low-carbon concrete. The ECL 3D printing gives the customer a highly resilient structure with an extraordinary time to build.

Modular Building Image